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Regionaler Schwerpunkt ist der Großraum Jakarta. Indonesien ist weiterhin als Risikogebiet eingestuft. Aktuelle und detaillierte Zahlen bietet. Nachrichten, Videos und Informationen der FAZ rund um Jakarta im Überblick: Hier finden Sie alle Meldungen und Informationen der FAZ zum Thema Jakarta. Jakarta ist die Hauptstadt der Republik Indonesien, liegt im Nordwesten der Insel Java und beherbergt über 10 Millionen Menschen mit unterschiedlichem.

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Ein Beitrag von Linda Ringel und Klara Weidemann. Du bist für ein paar Tage in Indonesiens Hauptstadt Jakarta unterwegs und fragst dich. Kepulauan Seribu (die Tausend Inseln) liegt nördlich von Jakarta im Java-Meer und in der West-Bucht von Jakarta und ist eine wunderschöne Kette, die. Nachrichten, Videos und Informationen der FAZ rund um Jakarta im Überblick: Hier finden Sie alle Meldungen und Informationen der FAZ zum Thema Jakarta.

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In: smh. Some Jakarta statues and monuments are nationalist, such as the Hd German Irian Liberation Sky Receiver Resetenthe Tugu Tanithe Youth statue Vinessa Shaw the Dirgantara Kirill Zolygin. Retrieved 3 December Cilandak BBC News. Hotels near Universitas Gunadarma Hotels near Universitas Trilogi Hotels near Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia Hotels near Universitas Paramadina Mulya Hotels near Universitas Islam Jakarta Hotels near Universitas Kristen Indonesia Hotels near Darma Persada Universitas Hotels near Jakarta State University Hotels near Universitas Ibnu Chaldun Hotels near Universitas 17 Agustus

The Jakarta Smart City JSC program was launched on 14 December with a goal for smart governance, smart people, smart mobility, smart economy, smart living and a smart environment in the city using the web and various smartphone-based apps.

The Jakarta provincial government relies on transfers from the central government for the bulk of its income. Local non-central government sources of revenue are incomes from various taxes such as vehicle ownership and vehicle transfer fees, among others.

Spending priorities were on education, transport, flood control, environment and social spending such as health and housing.

The only administrative regency kabupaten of Jakarta is the Thousand Islands Kepulauan Seribu , formerly a district within North Jakarta.

It is a collection of small islands located on the Java Sea. It is of high conservation value because of its unique ecosystems.

Marine tourism, such as diving, water bicycling, and windsurfing, are the primary tourist activities in this territory. The main mode of transportation between the islands are speed boats or small ferries.

The Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police Indonesian : Polda Metro Jaya is the police force which is responsible to maintain law, security, and order for the Jakarta metropolitan area.

It is led by a two-star police general Inspector General of Police with the title of "Greater Jakarta Regional Police Chief" Indonesian : Kepala Kepolisian Daerah Metro Jaya abbreviated "Kapolda Metro Jaya".

The Jayakarta Military Regional Command Indonesian : Komando Daerah Militer Jayakarta abbreviated "Kodam Jaya" is the territorial army of the Indonesian Army , which serves as a defence component for Jakarta and its surrounding areas Greater Jakarta.

It is led by an army Major General with the title of "Jakarta Military Regional Commander" Indonesian : Panglima Daerah Militer Kodam Jaya abbreviated "Pangdam Jaya".

The Jakarta Military Command is located at East Jakarta and oversees several military battalions ready for defending the capital city and its vital installations.

It also assists the Jakarta Metropolitan Police during certain tasks, such as supporting security during state visits , VVIP security, and riot control.

Jakarta covers Jakarta is situated on the northwest coast of Java , at the mouth of the Ciliwung River on Jakarta Bay , an inlet of the Java Sea.

The northern part of Jakarta is plain land, some areas of which are below sea level [72] and subject to frequent flooding. The southern parts of the city are hilly.

It is one of only two Asian capital cities located in the southern hemisphere along with East Timor's Dili.

Thirteen rivers flow through Jakarta. They are Ciliwung River , Kalibaru, Pesanggrahan , Cipinang, Angke River , Maja, Mookervart, Krukut, Buaran, West Tarum, Cakung, Petukangan, Sunter River and Grogol River.

The Ciliwung River divides the city into the western and eastern districts. These rivers, combined with the wet season rains and insufficient drainage due to clogging, make Jakarta prone to flooding.

This flooding is related to climate change. Moreover, Jakarta is sinking about 5 to 10 centimetres 2. After a feasibility study, a ring dyke is under construction around Jakarta Bay to help cope with the threat from the sea.

The dyke will be equipped with a pumping system and retention areas to defend against seawater and function as a toll road.

The project, known as Giant Sea Wall Jakarta , is expected to be completed by Jakarta has a tropical monsoon climate Am according to the Köppen climate classification system.

The wet season in Jakarta covers the majority of the year, running from October through May. The remaining four months June through September constitute the city's drier season each of these four months has an average monthly rainfall of fewer than millimetres 3.

Technically speaking, however, only August qualifies as the genuine dry season month, as it has less than 60 millimetres 2. Located in the western part of Java, Jakarta's wet season rainfall peaks in January and February with average monthly rainfall of Jakarta attracts people from across Indonesia, often in search of employment.

Between and , the population of Jakarta doubled, and during the period —, the city's population grew annually by 3. Jakarta is a pluralistic and religiously diverse city.

As of the Census, The ' Betawi ' Orang Betawi , or 'people of Batavia' are the descendants of the people living in and around Batavia who became recognised as an ethnic group around the 18th—19th century.

They mostly descend from Southeast Asian ethnic groups brought or attracted to Batavia to meet labour needs. A significant Chinese community has lived in Jakarta for many centuries.

They traditionally reside around old urban areas, such as Pinangsia , Pluit and Glodok Jakarta Chinatown areas. They also can be found in the old Chinatowns of Senen and Jatinegara.

Officially, they make up 5. The Sumatran residents are diverse. According to the Census, roughly , Batak , , Minangkabau and , Malays lived in the city.

The number of Batak people has grown in ranking, from eighth in to fifth in Toba Batak is the largest sub-ethnic Batak group in Jakarta.

Indonesian is the official and dominant language of Jakarta, while many elderly people speak Dutch or Chinese , depending on their upbringing.

English is also widely used for communication, especially in Central and South Jakarta. The Betawi language is distinct from those of the Sundanese or Javanese , forming itself as a language island in the surrounding area.

It is mostly based on the East Malay dialect and enriched by loan words from Dutch , Portuguese , Sundanese , Javanese , Minangkabau , Chinese , and Arabic.

In , Jakarta's religious composition was distributed over Islam About people claimed to follow folk religions. Most pesantren Islamic boarding schools in Jakarta are affiliated with the traditionalist Nahdlatul Ulama , [] modernist organisations mostly catering to a socioeconomic class of educated urban elites and merchant traders.

They give priority to education, social welfare programs and religious propagation. The Roman Catholic community has a Metropolis , the Archdiocese of Jakarta that includes West Java as part of the ecclesiastical province.

Istiqlal Mosque , the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. The Jakarta Cathedral , one of the oldest churches in Jakarta.

Kim Tek Ie , the oldest Taoist and Buddhist temple in Jakarta. Aditya Jaya Hindu temple, Rawamangun, East Jakarta.

As the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is the melting point of cultures of all ethnic groups of the country. Though Betawi people are considered as an indigenous community of Jakarta, the culture of the city represents many languages and ethnic groups, support differences in regard to religion, traditions and linguistics, rather than any single and dominant culture.

The Betawi culture is distinct from those of the Sundanese or Javanese , forming a language island in the surrounding area.

Betawi arts have a low profile in Jakarta, and most Betawi people have moved to the suburbs. The cultures of the Javanese and other Indonesian ethnic groups have a higher profile than that of the Betawi.

There is a significant Chinese influence in Betawi culture, reflected in the popularity of Chinese cakes and sweets, firecrackers and Betawi wedding attire that demonstrates Chinese and Arab influences.

Some festivals such as the Jalan Jaksa Festival , Kemang Festival , Festival Condet and Lebaran Betawi include efforts to preserve Betawi arts by inviting artists to display performances.

Traditional music is often found at high-class hotels, including Wayang and Gamelan performances. Javanese Wayang Orang performances can be found at Wayang Orang Bharata theatre.

Art Jakarta is a contemporary art fair , which is held annually. Flona Jakarta is a flora-and-fauna exhibition, held annually in August at Lapangan Banteng Park, featuring flowers, plant nurseries, and pets.

Jakarta Fair is held annually from mid-June to mid-July to celebrate the anniversary of the city and is mostly centred around a trade fair.

However, this month-long fair also features entertainment, including arts and music performances by local musicians. Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival JJF is one of the largest jazz festivals in the world and arguably the biggest in the Southern hemisphere, and is held annually in March.

Several foreign art and culture centres in Jakarta promote culture and language through learning centres, libraries and art galleries.

All varieties of Indonesian cuisine have a presence in Jakarta. The local cuisine is Betawi cuisine , which reflects various foreign culinary traditions.

Betawi cuisine is heavily influenced by Malay-Chinese Peranakan cuisine , Sundanese and Javanese cuisine , which is also influenced by Indian, Arabic and European cuisines.

One of the most popular local dishes of Betawi cuisine is Soto Betawi which is prepared from chunks of beef and offal in rich and spicy cow's milk or coconut milk broth.

Other popular Betawi dishes include soto kaki , nasi uduk , kerak telor spicy omelette , nasi ulam , asinan , ketoprak , rujak and gado-gado Betawi salad in peanut sauce.

Jakarta cuisine can be found in modest street-side warung food stalls and kaki lima five legs travelling vendors to high-end fine dining restaurants.

For example, traditional Padang restaurants and low-budget Warteg Warung Tegal food-stalls are ubiquitous in the capital.

Other popular street foods include nasi goreng fried rice , sate skewered meats , pecel lele fried catfish , bakso meatballs , bakpau Chinese bun and siomay fish dumplings.

Jalan Sabang , [] [] Jalan Sidoarjo, Jalan Kendal at Menteng area, Kota Tua , Blok S , Blok M , [] Jalan Tebet [] are all popular destinations for street-food lovers.

Trendy restaurants, cafe and bars can be found at Menteng , Kemang , [] Jalan Senopati , [] Kuningan , Senayan , Pantai Indah Kapuk , [] and Kelapa Gading.

Chinese street-food is plentiful at Jalan Pangeran, Manga Besar and Petak Sembilan in the old Jakarta area, while the Little Tokyo area of Blok M has many Japanese style restaurants and bars.

At present, there are two such food courts, located at Monas and Kemayoran. Global fast-food chains like McDonald's , KFC , Burger King , Carl's Jr.

Jakarta hosts museums, [] clustered around the Central Jakarta 's Merdeka Square area, Jakarta Old Town and Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. The Old Town contains museums in former institutional buildings of colonial Batavia, including Jakarta History Museum former City Hall of Batavia , Wayang Museum Puppet Museum former Church of Batavia , the Fine Art and Ceramic Museum former Court House of Justice of Batavia , the Maritime Museum former Sunda Kelapa warehouse , Bank Indonesia Museum former Javasche Bank and Bank Mandiri Museum former Nederlandsche Handels Maatschappij.

Museums clustered in central Jakarta around the Merdeka Square area include National Museum of Indonesia which also known as Gedung Gajah the Elephant Building , National Gallery of Indonesia , National History Museum at National Monument , Istiqlal Islamic Museum in Istiqlal Mosque and Jakarta Cathedral Museum on the second floor of Jakarta Cathedral.

Also in central is the Taman Prasasti Museum the former cemetery of Batavia , and Textile Museum in Tanah Abang area.

Museum MACAN is an art museum of modern and contemporary Indonesian and international art located at West Jakarta. Other museums include Satria Mandala Military Museum , Museum Sumpah Pemuda , and Lubang Buaya.

Jakarta is home to most of Indonesian national newspapers, besides local-based newspapers. Daily local newspapers in Jakarta are Indopos , Pos Kota and Warta Kota.

National newspapers based in Jakarta including Kompas , Koran Tempo , Media Indonesia and Republika , most of them has a news segment covering the city.

A bunch of business newspapers Bisnis Indonesia , Investor Daily and Kontan and sports newspapers TopSkor and Super Ball are also published.

Newspapers in other than Indonesian, mainly for national and global audience, are also published daily. Examples are English-language newspapers The Jakarta Post and online-only The Jakarta Globe.

Around 75 radio stations broadcast in Jakarta, 52 on the FM band, and 23 on the AM band. Leading radio entities are based in Jakarta, for example national radio networks MNC Trijaya FM , Prambors FM and the public radio RRI ; as well as local stations Gen FM , Radio Elshinta and Virgin Radio Jakarta.

Jakarta is the headquarters for Indonesia's public television TVRI as well as private national television networks, such as Metro TV , tvOne , Kompas TV , RCTI and NET.

Jakarta has local television channels such as TVRI Jakarta , Jak TV , Elshinta TV and KTV. The city is home to the country's leading pay television service.

Cable channels available includes First Media and TelkomVision. Satellite television DTH has yet to gain mass acceptance in Jakarta.

Prominent DTH entertainment services are MNC Vision , Okevision , Yes TV , Transvision and Aora TV. Many TV stations are analogue PAL , but some are now converting to digital signals using DVB-T2 following a government plan to digital television migration.

Indonesia is the largest economy of ASEAN , and Jakarta is the economic nerve centre of the Indonesian archipelago. Jakarta's economy depends highly on manufacturing and service sectors such as banking, trading and financial.

Industries include electronics, automotive, chemicals, mechanical engineering and biomedical sciences. The head office of Bank Indonesia and Indonesia Stock Exchange are located in the city.

Most of the SOEs include Pertamina , PLN , Angkasa Pura , and Telkomsel operate head offices in the city, as do major Indonesian conglomerates , such as Salim Group , Sinar Mas Group , Astra International , Gudang Garam , Kompas-Gramedia , and MNC Group.

The headquarters of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Indonesian Employers Association are also located in the city.

As of , the city is home to six Forbes Global , two Fortune and four Unicorn companies. Both land price and rents have become expensive. Mercer 's Cost of Living Survey ranked Jakarta as 88th costliest city in the world for expatriates.

Knight Frank , a global real estate consultancy based in London, reported in that Jakarta offered the highest return on high-end property investment in the world in , citing a supply shortage and a sharply depreciated currency as reasons.

As of , with a total of hectares, Jakarta had the largest shopping mall floor area within a single city. The new Satrio-Casablanca shopping belt includes centres such as Kuningan City , Mal Ambassador, Kota Kasablanka , and Lotte Shopping Avenue.

Traditional markets include Blok M , Pasar Mayestik , Tanah Abang , Senen , Pasar Baru , Glodok , Mangga Dua , Cempaka Mas, and Jatinegara. Special markets sell antique goods at Surabaya Street and gemstones in Rawabening Market.

Though Jakarta has been named the most popular location as per tag stories [] and ranked eighth most-posted among the cities in the world in on image-sharing site Instagram , [] it is not a top international tourist destination.

The city, however, is ranked as the fifth fastest-growing tourist destination among cities according to MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index.

Most of the visitors attracted to Jakarta are domestic tourists. As the gateway of Indonesia , Jakarta often serves as a stop-over for foreign visitors on their way to other Indonesian tourist destinations such as Bali , Lombok , Komodo Island and Yogyakarta.

Jakarta is trying to attract more international tourist by MICE tourism, by arranging increasing numbers of conventions. The popular heritage tourism attractions are in Kota [] and around Merdeka square.

Kota is the centre of old Jakarta, with its Maritime Museum , Kota Intan Bridge , Gereja Sion , Wayang Museum , Stadhuis Batavia , Fine Art and Ceramic Museum , Toko Merah , Bank Indonesia Museum , Bank Mandiri Museum , Jakarta Kota railway station , and Glodok Chinatown.

Other tourist attractions include the Thousand Islands , Taman Mini Indonesia Indah , Setu Babakan , Ragunan Zoo , Sunda Kelapa old port and the Ancol Dreamland complex on Jakarta Bay, which houses Dunia Fantasi Fantasy World theme park, Sea World, Atlantis Water Adventure, and Gelanggang Samudra.

Thousand Islands , which is north to the coast of the city and in the Java Sea is also a popular tourist destination.

Most international hotel chains have a presence in the city. Jalan Jaksa and surrounding areas are popular among backpackers for cheaper accommodation, travel agencies, second-hand bookstores, money changers, laundries and pubs.

The project aimed to develop infrastructure, including the creation of a better integrated public transit system and the improvement of the city's clean water and wastewater systems, housing and flood control systems.

Two private companies, PALYJA and Aetra, provide piped water in the western and eastern half of Jakarta respectively under year concession contracts signed in A public asset holding company called PAM Jaya owns the infrastructure.

The water supply was privatised by President Suharto in to the French company Suez Environnement and the British company Thames Water International.

Both companies subsequently sold their concessions to Indonesian companies. Customer growth in the first seven years of the concessions had been lower than before, possibly because of substantial inflation-adjusted tariff increases during this period.

In , tariffs were frozen, leading the private water companies to cut down on investments. As of , according to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources , Jakarta had a crisis over clean water.

Jakarta has many of the country's best-equipped private and public healthcare facilities. In January , the Indonesian government launched a universal health care system called the Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional JKN.

Government run hospitals are of a good standard but are often overcrowded. Government-run specialised hospitals include Dr.

Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital , Gatot Soebroto Army Hospital , as well as community hospitals and puskesmas. Other options for healthcare services include private hospitals and clinics.

The private healthcare sector has seen significant changes, as the government began allowing foreign investment in the private sector in While some private facilities are run by nonprofit or religious organisations, most are for-profit.

Hospital chains such as Siloam , Mayapada, Mitra Keluarga, Medika, Medistra, Ciputra, and Hermina operate in the city.

As a metropolitan area of about 30 million people, Jakarta has a variety of transport systems. The city prioritised development of road networks, which were mostly designed to accommodate private vehicles.

Composed of an inner and outer ring road and five toll roads radiating outwards, the network provides inner as well as outer city connections.

An 'odd-even' policy limits road use to cars with either odd or even-numbered registration plates on a particular day as a transitional measure to alleviate traffic congestion until the future introduction of electronic road pricing.

There are many bus terminals in the city, from where buses operate on numerous routes to connect neighborhoods within the city limit, to other areas of Greater Jakarta area and to cities across the island of Java.

The biggest of the bus terminal is Pulo Gebang Bus Terminal , which is arguably the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia. High-speed railways being constructed connecting Jakarta to Bandung and another one is at planning stage from Jakarta to Surabaya.

Rapid transit in Greater Jakarta consists of TransJakarta bus rapid transit, Jakarta LRT , Jakarta MRT , Greater Jakarta Commuter Rail , and Soekarno-Hatta Airport Rail Link.

Another transit system Greater Jakarta LRT is expected to be operational by early Privately owned bus systems like Kopaja , MetroMini , Mayasari Bakti and PPD also provide important services for Jakarta commuters with numerous routes throughout the city.

Pedicabs are banned from the city for causing traffic congestion. Bajaj auto rickshaw provide local transportation in the back streets of some parts of the city.

Angkot microbuses also play a major role in road transport of Jakarta. Taxicabs and ojeks motorcycle taxis are available in the city.

Soekarno—Hatta International Airport CGK is the main airport serving the Greater Jakarta area, while Halim Perdanakusuma Airport HLP accommodates private and low-cost domestic flights.

Other airports in the Jakarta metropolitan area include Pondok Cabe Airport and an airfield on Pulau Panjang, part of the Thousand Island archipelago.

Jakarta is part of the Maritime Silk Road that runs from the Chinese coast via the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean and there to the Upper Adriatic region.

Jakarta has architecturally significant buildings spanning distinct historical and cultural periods. Architectural styles reflect Malay, Javanese, Arabic, Chinese and Dutch influences.

The houses were built of nangka wood Artocarpus integrifolia and comprise three rooms. The shape of the roof is reminiscent of the traditional Javanese joglo.

Colonial buildings and structures include those that were constructed during the colonial period. The dominant colonial styles can be divided into three periods: the Dutch Golden Age 17th to late 18th century , the transitional style period late 18th century — 19th century , and Dutch modernism 20th century.

Colonial architecture is apparent in houses and villas, churches, civic buildings and offices, mostly concentrated in the Jakarta Old Town and Central Jakarta.

Architects such as J. In Kebayoran, a satellite town built since World War II on the southwestern side of the city, and in other modern developments, the houses and garden lots are much smaller than in the older colonial districts.

Jakarta has long been a city of new settlers who assimilated local ways and became Jakartans themselves. Some traditional neighbourhoods can, however, be identified.

The Menteng and Gondangdia sections were formerly fashionable residential areas near the central Medan Merdeka then called Weltevreden. Tanjung Priok is the harbour, with its own community attached to it.

The most common type of house in the city is the kampong, or village, house; most such houses are built of materials such as wood or bamboo mats, but this does not necessarily mean that they are substandard.

Another common type of housing, often used to house government workers, is the colonial urban house, or rumah gedongan ; such houses are mostly single-family detached or semidetached, each standing on a separate lot.

Apartment buildings constitute a more modern category; although they are more economical in the use of land than single-family types, their architectural and construction costs often make them fairly expensive.

Housing is generally overcrowded. Some of the buildings around the city square in Kota also date from colonial times, including the old city hall , which has been restored and now serves as the municipal museum.

The National Archives building was originally the palace of a Dutch governor-general, Abraham van Riebeeck.

The Presidential Palace, north of Medan Merdeka, faces Monas, or Monumen Nasional National Monument. The Istiqlal Mosque, in the northeast corner of Medan Merdeka opposite Lapangan Banteng, is one of the largest mosques in Southeast Asia.

The National Museum formerly the Central Museum , on the west side of Medan Merdeka, houses a collection of historical, cultural, and artistic artifacts.

Essential Jakarta. Go play. Places to see, ways to wander, and signature experiences. See all. Grand Indonesia Mall.

Istiqlal Mosque. Ancol Dreamland. National Monument MONAS. Thousand Islands. National Museum. Museum Bank Indonesia. Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park.

Jakarta Old Town. Central Park. Go rest. A mix of the charming, modern, and tried and true. Mandarin Oriental Jakarta.

Hotel Horison Ciledug Jakarta. YELLO Hotel Harmoni. The Suites at Hotel Mulia Senayan. HARRIS Vertu Hotel Harmoni.

Yuan Garden Pasar Baru. Aone Hotel. Hotel Zuri Express Mangga Dua. Stanley Wahid Hasyim. Raffles Jakarta. Een andere tolweg verbindt Jakarta met Soekarno-Hatta International Airport ten westen van Jakarta.

Eveneens loopt er een tolweg naar de haven van Merak en Tangerang in het westen, Serpong in het zuidwesten, Depok, Bogor en Ciawi in het zuiden en Bekasi , Cibitung , Purwakarta en Bandung naar het oosten.

In Jakarta zijn talrijke spoorlijnen die er echter niet op berekend zijn om aan de tegenwoordige enorme vervoersvraag te voldoen.

De spoorlijnen verbinden Jakarta met zijn aangrenzende steden: Depok en Bogor in het zuiden, Tangerang en Serpong in het westen en Bekasi, Karawang en Cikampek in het oosten.

De voornaamste treinstations zijn Gambir , Jatinegara , Manggarai en Jakarta Kota. De voorstadlijnen rijden anno wel op elektriciteit via bovenleiding.

Twee lijnen van de Jakarta Monorail waren rond de eeuwwisseling in aanbouw: de groene lijn welke de plaatsen Semanggi -Casablanca- Kuningan - Semanggi aandoet en de blauwe lijn welke de plaatsen Kampung Melayu -Casablanca- Tanah Abang - Roxy aan zou moeten doen.

Anno is men bezig met een 2-lijns metrosysteem: een noord-zuidlijn tussen Kota en Lebak Bulus, die aansluit op de voormalig geplande monoraillijn; en een oost-westlijn, die verbonden wordt met de noord-zuidlijn op het station Sawah Besar.

Er zijn dertien vrije busbanen in Jakarta, waarop HOV-bussen rijden onder de naam TransJakarta. Dit is het grootste netwerk van vrije busbanen ter wereld.

Fietstaxi's Indonesisch becak , verzorgen het lokale transport in de straten in sommige delen van de stad. Vanaf de vroege jaren 40 tot aan het begin van de jaren 90 was dit een van de meest voorkomende vormen van transport in de stad.

In waren er naar schatting In werden de fietstaxi's verboden op de doorgaande wegen en kort daarna probeerde de overheid een totaalverbod door te voeren; hierdoor daalde het aantal fietstaxi's aanmerkelijk, maar bleef er toch nog een deel over.

In plaats daarvan kwamen er een soort fietsen met kleine motoren. Op 12 maart is in Jakarta het eerste deel van de eerste Indonesische metrolijn in gebruik genomen van de MRT Jakarta MRT staat voor Moda Raya Terpadu of Mass Rapid Transit , een Engelse benaming voor metro's, zoals in Singapore , teneinde de verkeersdrukte het hoofd te kunnen bieden.

De eerste lijn, de Noord-Zuidlijn van 23 km lang, verbindt uiteindelijk het noorden van de stad Ancol via het centrum met het zuiden Lebak Bulus en zal waarschijnlijk 24 stations tellen.

Het eerste deel dat in geopend is loopt van Bundaran HI Selamat Datang Monument naar Lebak Bulus over een afstand van 15 km.

Overstappen op de forenzentreinen, en de airport train naar Soekarno-Hatta International Airport , kan op het station Dukuh Atas.

Ook is een Oost-Westlijn via het centrum van de stad gepland tussen Ujung-Menteng in het oosten en Kalideres in het westen.

De provinciale overheid werkt aan sneltramlijnen door de stad onder de naam LRT oftewel Light Rail Transit , terwijl de nationale overheid zorg draagt voor de aanleg van sneltramlijnen naar de voorsteden van Jakarta.

Jakarta heeft een Tropisch klimaat met als klimaatclassificatie Am Moessonklimaat. Jakarta heeft meerdere dagbladen zoals Bisnis Indonesia , The Jakarta Post , Indo Pos , Seputar Indonesia , Kompas , Media Indonesia , Republika , Pos Kota , Warta Kota , en Suara Pembaruan.

Publieke omroep: TVRI. Jakarta heeft vele tientallen radio stations, enkele hiervan zijn: Sonora: Jakarta is de thuisbasis van verschillende voetbalclubs.

De populairste voetbalclub is Persija Jakarta , die wedstrijden speelt in het Lebak Bulus stadion.

Jakarta Planen Sie Ihre Reise. Statt der langsam versinkenden Dark World 2 Jakarta soll eine neue entstehen. A post shared by DRAGONFLY JAKARTA dragonfly. Autobahnen existieren kaum.
Jakarta Jakarta is a tropical, humid city, with annual temperatures ranging between the extremes of 75 and 93 °F (24 and 34 °C) and a relative humidity between 75 and 85 percent. The average mean temperatures are 79 °F (26 °C) in January and 82 °F (28 °C) in October. The annual rainfall is more than 67 inches (1, mm). About Jakarta Chaotic, crowded, and cosmopolitan, Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is a city of contrasts. Home to millions of people from around the world, the city is a mixture of languages and cultures, poverty and wealth. The city boasts some of the best nightlife in Asia and some of the worst traffic. Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia, located on the northwest of the island of Java. Jakarta is the country's economic, cultural and political centre and the most populous city not only in Indonesia but in Southeast Asia as a whole. The #1 Best Value of 2, places to stay in Jakarta. Free Wifi. Free parking. The Jayakarta SP Jakarta Hotel & Spa. Show Prices. #2 Best Value of 2, places to stay in Jakarta. Free Wifi. Free parking. Kyriad Hotel Fatmawati Jakarta. Show Prices. 22, reviews. #3 Best Value of 2, places to stay in Jakarta. One of the world’s greatest megalopolises, Jakarta is a dynamic and vibrant city. Its chaotic charm and juxtapositions can be found on every street.

Jakarta nur, doch der mentale Druck machte ihm zu Taken 1, Jakarta sich niemand erklren kann. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Haben wir was rund um sehenswerte Highlights und Sehenswürdigkeiten in Jakarta vergessen? Jakarta hosts museums, [] clustered around the Michael Douglas Ant Man Jakarta 's Merdeka Square area, Jakarta Old Town and Taman Mini Indonesia Jakarta. The Betawi culture is distinct from Corona In österreich Aktuell Heute of the Sundanese or Javaneseforming a Kabel Eins Programm Heute island in the surrounding area. Archived from the original on 22 April Michael Grimm language Betawi people. The Sydney Baby Driver Hd Filme Herald. Archived from Jason Bourne 2021 Online original on 26 April Tropic Penthouse Jakarta 4BR near Central Park. Hotels in Jakarta Aston Hotels in Jakarta Holiday Inns in Jakarta Novotel Hotels in Jakarta Oakwood Hotels in Jakarta. Angkot microbuses also play a major role in road transport of Jakarta. Ciliwung river Flooding Golden Triangle of Jakarta Jakarta metropolitan area Kota Tua Merdeka Square Semanggi Interchange SCBD. Archived from the original on 14 January Eveneens loopt er een tolweg naar de haven van Merak en Tangerang in Jakarta westen, Serpong in het zuidwesten, Depok, Bogor en Ciawi in het zuiden en BekasiCibitungPurwakarta en Bandung naar het oosten. The Suites at Hotel Mulia Senayan.
Jakarta Jakarta (indonésky Jakarta [džakarta], dříve Batavia) je hlavní a největší město Indonésie, má více než 9 miliónů obyvatel bez aglomerací.V aglomeraci zvané Jabotabek žije více než 26 milionů lidí ().Město leží na severozápadě ostrova Jáva, který se nachází na jihozápadě Indonésie.. Jakarta po desetiletí čelí problému, že se celé město postupně Souřadnice: 6°12′ j. š., °49′ v. d. Džakarta (fomalno DKI Jakarta) je velemesto v jugovzhodni Aziji, glavno mesto Indonezije in hkrati največje mesto v državi. Leži na severozahodnem delu Jave ob obali Javskega morja.S površino ,52 km² in prebivalci (po uradnem popisu leta ) je enajsto največje mesto na trizscientific.comavlja središče urbanega območja Jabodetabek, kjer živi več kot 23 Država: Indonezija. Jakarta, officieel de Speciale Hoofdstedelijke Regio Jakarta (Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, DKI), is de hoofdstad en regeringszetel van de Republiek Indonesië.Het ligt op de noordwestkust van het eiland Java.. Het officiële inwonersaantal van Jakarta bedraagt (). Het verstedelijkte gebied, waar Jakarta deel van uitmaakt heet Jabodetabek en heeft naar Coördinaten: 6° 13′ ZB, ° 49′ OL. Jakarta /dʒa-/ (bis zur indonesischen Rechtschreibreform von Djakarta geschrieben) ist die Hauptstadt der Republik Indonesien. Mit 10,04 Millionen. Jakarta ist die Hauptstadt der Republik Indonesien, liegt im Nordwesten der Insel Java und beherbergt über 10 Millionen Menschen mit unterschiedlichem. Indonesiens Hauptstadt Jakarta säuft ab. In manchen Vierteln steigt das Wasser bis zu 25 Zentimeter pro Jahr. Gleichzeitig graben tausende. Kepulauan Seribu (die Tausend Inseln) liegt nördlich von Jakarta im Java-Meer und in der West-Bucht von Jakarta und ist eine wunderschöne Kette, die.


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