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Warum nicht mal ein bisschen Chaos.

Hindenburg Film

Der Film zeigt eine fiktive, aber mögliche Variante der damaligen Ereignisse, die, mit persönlichen Schicksalen und historischem Archivmaterial. Die Hindenburg - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | trizscientific.com Das deutsche Luftschiff Hindenburg startet im Frühjahr zu einem spektakulären Interkontinentalflug nach New York. Da das SS-Hauptquartier erfahren hat, dass sich ein Saboteur unter den Passagieren befinden soll, wurde Oberst Franz Ritter.

Hindenburg (2011)

Im RTL-Event-Film Hindenburg wird die Zeppelin-Katastrophe mit einer Verschwörung in Verbindung gebracht, die ein Luftschiffkonstrukteur verhindern will. Die Hindenburg - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | trizscientific.com Fast 75 Jahre nach der Katastrophe schickt RTL die "Hindenburg" erneut auf ihre letzte Reise. Wie der Zeppelin ist auch der Film ein technisches Meisterstück.

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Die Hindenburg 1975 - ganzer Film auf Deutsch

But, this is the sort of plot that sells books and puts asses in theatre seats, so this is what Wise and his screenwriters decided to go with.

They didn't invent the theory, they merely optioned a book "The Hindenburg" by Michael Mooney which was a retelling of the original Spehl theory which appeared in A.

Hoehling's "Who Destroyed The Hindenburg? It's got all the bases covered: lavish sets and costumes; big-name stars portraying a cast of characters from various walks of life, complete with various interconnecting personal dramas designed to heighten the pathos of "I wonder who gets it in the end?

As far as the execution of the whole thing goes, it's definitely a mixed bag. The script could have used a good bit of work before they shot it, but then that also seems to be par for the course with most s disaster flicks.

A lot of the dialogue is fairly stilted, and some of the lines are just terrible. Perhaps the one that bugs me the most is when Ritter the Luftwaffe colonel in charge of security finally gets Boerth the saboteur to tell him where the bomb is, Boerth replies with the meaningless phrase "Repair Patch 4" and Ritter, who apparently had never set foot on a Zeppelin before the beginning of the flight, conveniently runs straight to where the bomb is hidden That the big "Aha!

Various characters are renamed versions of actual passengers and crew from the last flight, some are amalgams of a couple different actual people, some even retain the same names as the people on whom they're based Colonel Franz Ritter George C.

Scott is based upon a Luftwaffe colonel named Fritz Erdmann who was aboard the last flight to observe long-range navigational practices used by the Hindenburg's crew and who was erroneously presented in at least one "historical" Hindenburg book as having been assigned to the flight to watch for saboteurs ; crewman Karl Boerth William Atherton , of course, is based on the "sabotage theory" version of crewman Erich Spehl; the Countess Anne Bancroft seems to be very loosely based on a passenger by the name of Margaret Mather; Gestapo snitch Martin Vogel Roy Thinnes was basically invented as an obstacle for Ritter to have to deal with; the Breslau family was based on the real-life Doehner family; crewman Ludecke Peter Canon seems to be something of a loose amalgam of a couple of real-life Nazi-connected crew members who flew on the Hindenburg, but basically he was invented as a flunkie for Vogel.

And on and on and on. A few things about the film do work for me. First, I think that George C. Scott was one of those actors who could lend even the worst film a bit of dramatic weight, and in this movie he actually takes what was written as a fairly one-dimensional character and breathes some real life into it.

As a Luftwaffe pilot who is ill at ease with the increasing excesses of the Nazi regime, Scott creates a rather human, sympathetic character. His scenes with Anne Bancroft are some of the few which actually seem to work in this movie.

I also quite like David Shire's music score. Most of the musical pieces in the film are variations on the Main Title Theme, though there are a few distinct separate themes notably the romantic piece played during the scenes between Ritter and the Countess, the piece played while the crewmen repair the ripped fabric on the fin, and what I always think of as the "Gestapo" theme, which seems to be used when the film cuts back to Germany for scenes such as the one where Boerth's girlfriend is arrested in Frankfurt.

And then there's the odd little vaudeville tune performed by Reed Channing and Joe Spah at the concert Channing holds for the passengers and crew.

It's certainly consistent with what an American might have thought of and known about the Nazis in concentration camps, for example, were already in use for political dissidents and "intellectuals" by '37 but it still feels kind of like the producers just said "We want a show tune in here I only wish it were available on CD.

Finally, and most importantly, the set design in this film, particularly the full-size recreation of various parts of the interior of the Hindenburg, is absolutely amazing.

If you want to see what it looked like to walk around inside the Hindenburg, watch this movie. There are a few minor inconsistencies with the actual design of the ship a pair of ladders which led down into the lower fin of the actual ship was changed in the film into a long set of stairs running up inside the leading edge of the fin, I assume for dramatic purposes but for the most part Wise's set designers used the original designs of the ship and recreated them, right down to the rivets in some places.

They seem to have gotten this from pieces of girder salvaged from the actual Hindenburg wreck, and what they recreated was the scorched color of the original bright turquoise blue lacquer which coated the girders of the actual ship.

I've stood in the control car recreation, which has been restored and is now on proud display out at Lakehurst, and from having seen photos of virtually every part of the real Hindenburg control car I can say that the set designers really nailed this, again right down to the rivets on the elevator and rudder wheels.

The passenger decks are pretty much identical to the real ones, the layout of the lower keel is frighteningly accurate For this alone, I like to throw my DVD of "The Hindenburg" in the player a couple times a year.

Again, not a great movie overall, and the sabotage theory the screenwriters use is based on a load of dreck dreamed up under rather questionable circumstances a decade or so before the film was made, and which implicates a young man who unfortunately died in the fire and was not around to defend himself nor did he have any close family to do it for him at the time the story first emerged.

It may make for an interesting movie plot, but it didn't happen that way at all. I also don't buy the "exploding paint" theory that's been run up the flagpole over the past several years, as it simply requires too much cherry-picking of eyewitness testimony and photographic evidence to work Not a terrible film overall, due to the painstakingly accurate set design, but not that great a film either.

I'm a bit biased, obviously, but I always find myself wishing that they'd spent even half as much energy on writing a good script for this thing as they spent recreating the interior of the ship.

It could have been something a lot more special than just another disaster flick if they'd put the effort into the story. But as s disaster movies go, this is probably one of the best.

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Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. The Countess survives and is reunited with her daughter.

The following day, with the fire cleared, a short list of some of the passengers and crew who died or survived is described briefly, while the wreckage is examined for the inquiry before being cleaned up.

A narrator discusses possible causes of the disaster. As [Herbert Morrison journalist Herbert Morrison's memorable radio commentary]] is played, the Hindenburg is seen flying once again, only to disappear again in the clouds as the credits roll.

Many of the fictional characters are based on actual people. For example: Franz Ritter is based on Fritz Erdmann, Karl Boerth is based on Eric Spehl, as well as a few others.

This was the second film released in to feature the actors William Atherton and Richard Dysart , after The Day of the Locust.

Director Robert Wise, known for an attention to detail and background research, began to collect documents and film footage on the real-life Hindenburg for over a year at the National Archives in London , the National Air and Space Museum Library and Archives in Washington, D.

Studio and special effects work was carried out at Sound Stage 12 in the Universal Studios complex. Wise's research was used to advantage, since the bulk of Zeppelin blueprints were destroyed in World War II.

Using photographs, a recreated passenger area, gondola and superstructure of the giant airship was constructed to create a realistic exterior and interior set for the actors.

The Hindenburg made extensive use of matte paintings to bring the Zeppelin to life. To take photographs for use as matte paintings, a highly detailed foot-long 7.

To recreate the initial explosion of the airship, which was missed by the newsreel cameras, matte paintings and animation were used to make a superimposed explosion of the airship beside its mooring mast.

The model of the Hindenburg today is on display at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.

A real-life tragedy nearly happened during the filming of the Hindenburg ' s fiery death. A full-scale section of the Zeppelin's nose was built for the film on Universal Studios' Stage 12, and was set to be destroyed by fire for the film's final destruction sequence.

A half-dozen stunt artists wearing fire-retardant gear were placed in the nose replica as it was set afire; however, the fire quickly got out of control, causing several stunt artists to get lost in the smoke, damaging several cameras filming the action, and nearly destroying the sound stage.

Only 4 seconds of footage from this sequence appears in the final cut of the film, but the entire sequence, as it had been planned, was not included.

An interesting aspect was the film's transition from black and white to technicolor and back to grayscale , beginning with a simulated Universal Newsreel that gave an educated view to the history of the lighter-than-air craft.

While a narrator talks about the LZ Graf Zeppelin , footage of the LZ Graf Zeppelin II being christened in is erroneously shown, indicating the newsreel was not from This ends with images of the Hindenburg's construction, immediately transitioning to a colour matte painting of the Hindenburg shown outside its hangar, and along with the opening credits the airship flies by before disappearing into the clouds.

Although the film is largely accurate to its setting, there were numerous differences between the film and reality. Some aspects were added for dramatic purposes.

The scene when the port fin's fabric rips did not happen to the Hindenburg , but a similar event occurred on the Graf Zeppelin during its first flight to America in The zeppelin hangar seen when the Hindenburg departs Germany for America is actually a World War II US Navy blimp hangar located at Tustin, California , the architecture of which is quite different from the actual German zeppelin hangars the same hangar is also used in the scenes at Lakehurst; a similar hangar was built at Lakehurst in the s, but did not exist in The mooring mast used in the landing sequence is black, while the real mooring mast was red and white.

During the landing sequence the ship drops water ballast through windows near the nose instead of at the tail section, as it did during the final approach.

A few anachronisms occur as well: At the beginning of the story, two senior Luftwaffe Generals discuss the possibility of Colonel Franz Ritter receiving the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross for actions in the Spanish Civil War.

The Knight's Cross did not exist in when the film is set , first being created at the start of World War II in Also, at one point Edward Douglas refers to the fact that the German car manufacturer Opel is to be taken over by General Motors "the next day.

When Col. Ritter empties the fountain pen in the sink, it is clearly a modern stainless steel design with modern taps. Several dramatic escapes depicted were based on fact, slightly altered for dramatic purposes, including:.

Although well received by the public as typical "disaster movie" fare, critical reception to The Hindenburg was generally unfavorable.

Roger Ebert 's one-star review from the Chicago Sun-Times dismissed it as a failed project, writing: " The Hindenburg is a disaster picture, all right.

Yet I wouldn't have missed a single foolish frame of it. I sort of like disaster movies, even bad ones, for reasons that have to do with the special effects and with other things that probably go back to the prenatal state.

Murphy of Variety wrote, "Dull and formula scripting, a lack of real empathy and phoned-in acting shoot down some good though unspectacular special effects.

He concluded, "As it stands, the only way to enjoy the film is to get in the mood for trash and to laugh a lot.

Its climax is terrifyingly, horrendously spectacular, but the two hours getting there are not as gripping as they might have been.

Wise has tried to integrate the newsreel footage of the disaster with vignettes of the fictional characters inside attempting to escape, but there's an impossible esthetic gulf between the documentary and staged scenes.

There's no tension whatsoever and none of the characters is remotely interesting, let alone sympathetic. Despite critical reaction, The Hindenburg was noteworthy for its use of special effects and won two Special Achievement Academy Awards in [27] [28].

The film was also nominated for Best Art Direction Art Direction: Edward Carfagno ; Set Decoration: Frank R. McKelvy , Best Cinematography and Best Sound Leonard Peterson , John A.

Bolger Jr. Mack and Don Sharpless. Aufgrund einer wetterbedingten Verspätung der Hindenburg besteht die Gefahr, dass ein auf die Zeit nach der Landung eingestellter Zeitzünder die Bombe noch in der Luft detonieren lassen könnte.

Wie sich herausstellt, ist der Zweck des Attentats , die Hindenburg nach der Landung in den USA explodieren zu lassen, um so eine Aufhebung des von den USA gegen Deutschland gerichteten Embargos zu erreichen und damit eine Lieferung von Tetraethylblei zu ermöglichen.

Mit dem so verbesserten Flugbenzin sollte der Überfall auf Polen ermöglicht werden. Weitere Handlungsstränge befassen sich u.

Dieser gerät zunächst unter Verdacht, der Bombenleger zu sein, da er zur Versorgung seines mitreisenden Schäferhunds als einziger Passagier auch die Laderäume der Hindenburg betreten darf.

In einer weiteren Nebenhandlung wird die Geschichte der jüdischen Familie Kerner erzählt, die im Geheimen mit ihrem Vermögen emigrieren will.

Frau Kerner wird während der Reise vom mitreisenden deutschen Luftwaffenoffizier Karl Erdmann bedrängt.

Sauter, Jennifers Mutter, Erdmann und die männlichen Angehörigen der Familie Kerner in den Tod. Kröger und Jennifer überleben, doch sie müssen sich zum Schluss noch mit Hintermännern der Bombe auseinandersetzen.

Die Startszenen wurden im Herbst mit einem Modell der Steuergondel auf dem Gelände des ehemaligen Fliegerhorstes Hopsten gedreht.

Die Absturzszenen wurden mithilfe eines kleinen Hüllenmodells ebenfalls auf dem Gelände des Fliegerhorstes zwischen Hopsten und Dreierwalde gedreht.

Der Film wurde von TeamWorx produziert und war mit einem Budget von über 10 Millionen Euro ausgestattet. Damit ist er die bislang teuerste RTL-Eigenproduktion.

Die visuellen Effekte des Films wurden von Pixomondo erstellt. Die Fachberatung Militärhistorik übernahm der Militärhistoriker Rolf-Dieter Müller.

Ballons, Luftschiffe etc. Selbst Figuren, die dies aufgrund ihres Hintergrunds wissen müssten z. Die von auf durchgeführten Umbauten, derenthalben der Flügel aus Gewichtsgründen entfernt wurde, wurden im Film zumindest zum Teil berücksichtigt.

In die Saison startete der Hindenburg mit 10 neuen Kabinen für insgesamt 22 weitere Passagiere 9 Zwei-, eine Vierbettkabine , die steuerbord an das B-Deck unteres Deck angefügt wurden.

Möglich wurde diese Erweiterung dadurch, dass der Hindenburg statt mit Helium mit Wasserstoffgas gefüllt bleiben sollte, wodurch sich ca.

Die Quoten des ersten Teils am 6.

London: Abrams Books, Mack Die Ehre Der Prizzis Don Sharpless. Archbold, Rick. David Slama. From Wikipedia, Unsere Kleine Farm Pilotfilm free encyclopedia. Channing Stephen Elliott I mean yes, it has a lot of Deko Sommer 2021, not the least of which Hagen Wehringhausen its reliance on a fictionalized version of a sabotage theory which itself is perhaps Fastenwandern 2021 of the most elaborate, ethically-suspect works of fiction presently connected with Zeppelin history. Die visuellen Effekte des Films wurden von Pixomondo erstellt. George C Scott. Er versucht herauszufinden, was die mit ihrer Mutter an Bord mitreisende Jennifer mit dem Attentat zu tun hat. Reed Channing.
Hindenburg Film

Hindenburg Film Tafelausweis. - Wo kann ich diesen Film schauen?

Bewerte : 0. Überprüfe bitte die Schreibweise und versuche Daniel Cudmore erneut. Peter Canon. Die Schauspieler überzeugen in keiner Weise und auch Netflix Account Teilen Dialoge sind teilweise beinahe fremdschämend, genau wie so mancher Sign up here. Although well received by the public as typical "disaster movie" fare, critical reception to The Hindenburg was Seenotretter Werden unfavorable. Super Reviewer. Hinnerk Schönemann Kinderstars Heute Sauter. Das deutsche Luftschiff Hindenburg startet im Frühjahr zu einem spektakulären Interkontinentalflug nach New York. Da das SS-Hauptquartier erfahren hat, dass sich ein Saboteur unter den Passagieren befinden soll, wurde Oberst Franz Ritter. Hindenburg ist ein zweiteiliger Fernsehfilm des Regisseurs Philipp Kadelbach aus dem Jahr Das Drehbuch schrieb Johannes W. Betz. Der Film basiert. Die Hindenburg ist ein von Robert Wise produzierter und inszenierter Katastrophenfilm aus dem Jahr , der von der letzten Reise und der Zerstörung des. Der Film zeigt eine fiktive, aber mögliche Variante der damaligen Ereignisse, die, mit persönlichen Schicksalen und historischem Archivmaterial. A film that chronicles the events of the Hindenburg disaster in which a zeppelin burst into flames. The Hindenburg is a American Technicolor film based on the disaster of the German airship Hindenburg. The film stars George C. Scott. It was produced and directed by Robert Wise, and was. Movie Info A young engineer uncovers a plot to blow up the Hindenburg while the German airship is preparing for its maiden voyage to America. About the supposed conspiracy that led to the catastrophic deadly crash of the Hindeburg zeppelin in The Hindenburg is a American Technicolor disaster film based on the trizscientific.com film stars George C. trizscientific.com was produced and directed by Robert Wise, and was written by Nelson Gidding, Richard Levinson and William Link, based on the book of the same title by Michael M. Mooney. The Hindenburg Film Bilgileri. Hindenburg Zeplini’nin gümüş renkli dev gövdesini yere bağlayan halatlar kalkış için çözülmektedir. İstikamet Amerika’dır. Takvimler ise 3 Mayıs ’yi göstermektedir. Hindenburg yavaşça yerden havalanmaya başlar. Üstünde LZ yazmaktadır. Hindenburg Zeplini’nin gümüş renkli dev gövdesini yere bağlayan halatlar kalkış için çözülmektedir. İstikamet Amerika’dır. Takvimler ise 3 Mayıs ’yi göstermektedir. Hindenburg yavaşça yerden havalanmaya başlar. Üstünde LZ yazmaktadır. Bu, onun şimdiye kadar yapılmış olan ’uncu zeplin olduğunu göstermektedir. metrelik uzunluğuyla gelmiş. A(z) "Hindenburg ()" című videót "eve58" nevű felhasználó töltötte fel a(z) "film/animáció" kategóriába. Eddig alkalommal nézték meg.


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