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Made in the 80s - Eine Aussage mit Wham. Neben Amazon bieten auch andere Online-Plattformen die Fantasy-Serie zum digitalen Kauf an, mit der Traumfrau Ihrer Wahl sollten Sie am besten jetzt telefonisch bei uns buchen.

Bionic 6

Tolle Angebote bei eBay für bionic six. Sicher einkaufen. vermindert so die Krafteinwirkung an den Ecken. Der Schlüssel rutscht nicht ab und der Schraubenkopf wird nicht beschädigt.• Schraubenschlüssel BIONIC 6". Die Sechs-Millionen-Dollar-Familie ist eine aus dem Jahre von Tokyo Movie Shinsha produzierte und im Original von Studios USA und MCA ausgestrahlte US-amerikanisch-japanische Zeichentrickserie.

Die Sechs-Millionen-Dollar-Familie

vermindert so die Krafteinwirkung an den Ecken. Der Schlüssel rutscht nicht ab und der Schraubenkopf wird nicht beschädigt.• Schraubenschlüssel BIONIC 6". von 60 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Bionic Six". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Berechtigt zum kostenfreien Versand. Dr. Hallowell Patridge, an analytic logic instructor and mentor of both Amadeus Sharp and J.D. has been kidnapped by Dr. Scarab. Add Image. S2, Ep6. 15 Sep.

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The Bennett family includes patriarch Jack, matriarch Helen, Eric, Meg, J. They live in a secluded oceanfront home in the fictional city of Cypress Cove, in northern California.

The Bionic Six can also combine their powers by joining hands, creating a "Bionic Link" to amplify their abilities. The primary antagonist of the series is Dr.

Wilmer Sharp Ph. His right eye has been modified with a monocle that has a low-powered scanner that can detect individuals with bionics, even when they are disguised, and a destructive, high-powered beam.

In rare instances throughout the series, he seemingly demonstrates superhuman, bionic strength of his own on at least one occasion, he picked up Mother-One effortlessly and threw her around; [27] in another instance, he was seen carrying as much solid gold out of Fort Knox as his other bionic minions—several hundred pounds' worth.

Scott when providing that character voice. Scarab has assembled a motley team of henchmen described below , imbued with an apparently lesser form of the same bionic powers employed by the Bionic Six.

Another one of Scarab's goals in the series is to try to figure out the secrets behind his brother's superior bionics knowledge.

Scarab has tried to create additional minions with limited success, usually due to envying interference from his existing henchmen.

Some of these include:. Where covert action is called for, Scarab and his gang go disguised via their "Bionic Masking Units.

In addition to his henchmen, Scarab also uses robots of his own design, called Cyphrons, in battles against the Bionic Six. The Cyphrons are, like the rest of his minions, generally incompetent but dangerous in large numbers.

Attempts by Scarab to create more advanced Cyphron units are shown to backfire. The first season of Bionic Six introduces viewers to the Bennett family, and to Scarab and his goons.

Karate-1's origin is explored, and the mystery of his missing father is introduced. The origin of both the Bionic Six and of Scarab and his lackeys is revealed early on in the episode run.

The supporting characters of Dr. Fish and Perceptor are also introduced. The second season continues on from the first seamlessly.

Old supporting characters like Perceptor and Dr. Fish return, and new characters, such as the Bandroids are brought aboard.

The second season includes a two-part episode titled "I, Scarab," wherein Professor Sharp assembles a second Bionic Six group to rescue the original team.

This second team is made up of supporting characters from prior episodes: Kaleidoscope, Perceptor, and the Bandroids.

The series finale finds several of the members from the Bionic Six trapped for a time in a dimension where the "cartoon characters" with an animation style highly reminiscent of Tiny Toons and Animaniacs, an animated series TMS would, during this time, soon work on of their favorite TV shows exist; after I.

Q notes that in the cartoon dimension, the characters were unaware that they were imaginary characters; he then wonders if it is at all possible that he and everyone else in the "real" world are cartoon characters themselves.

Produced by LJN in , the line consisted of 13 figures Jack, Helen, J. The 13 figures were designed and copyrighted by Paul Samulski on behalf of LJN.

In the next century, a bionic scientist called "Dr. Scarab" is after power and immortality by bionic-nanotech engineering. He and his henchmen are stopped again and again by Dr.

Sharp and his Bionic Six, a multi-cultural family of bionic people with some fantasy technology. For some reason, everyone remembers the theme song! A great family show that reinforced all the good things--family, unity, diversity, and acting when you know you have a just cause.

Subplots included a discussion of family tension, viz. Wilbur and Amadeus Sharpe, which was a retelling of the story of Jacob and Esau in the Bible.

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Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Hugo Fish creates a food capable of increasing a creature's intelligence by tenfold.

Fish decides to debut his creation at the Paris Food Conference. Unknown to Fish, Madame-O steals a sample of his Brain Food and gives it to Scarab.

Scarab sends Glove and Madame-O to steal more, where they are intercepted by the Bionic Six. Sharp and the Bionic Six appear at the Sheldrake Academy, where Sharp debuts his Anti-Gravity Glide Path Controller.

In addition, Sharp designs various pieces of equipment for disabled children. One student, Ronnie Gordon, shows his bitterness to the team, and Scarab's group convinces him to turn on the Bionic Six.

Ronnie lures I. Jack Bennett had taken his family on a skiing trip to the Himalayas. During this trip, Jack is called to duty to investigate unusual magnetic readings.

He encounters aliens who are trying to obtain Burtonium, a mineral that can increase bionic abilities and give eternal life to its possessor.

In a battle, Jack's family becomes trapped under radioactive snow and they slip into a coma. Not seeing another way to save their lives, Jack permits Professor Sharp to operate on his family.

Professor Sharp implants bionics in human beings, and the Bionic Six are born. Doctor Scarab creates his own bionic group from "worthless examples of humanity.

Sharp builds a Perpetual Chronographic Generator, a machine that will allow time travel. As Sharp prepares to send the Bennett family and Drs.

Lund, Swift, and Johnson back in time to the Mesozoic Era , the group is attacked by Scarab's goons. Glove, Mechanic, and Madame-O trade places with the doctors, and sneak into the past with Mother-1, Sport-1, and I.

Due to Glove's interference, dinosaurs from the Mesozoic Era pour through Prof. Sharp's Perpetual Chronographic Generator in the Mojave Desert.

While Bionic-1, Karate-1, and Rock-1 deal with the dinosaurs in the present, Mother-1, Sport-1, and I. With fights in two different time periods, Prof.

Sharp must repair the time generator before it creates a permanent rift in the "time-flow continuum". Cycron the Great , a Voltron -like television show, is a favorite of both F.

When the Mechanic realizes that Cycron is really an actor, Mechanic traps the actor and replaces him. Mechanic-Cycron tricks F. Michael Reaves. When Scarab attacks a microwave receiving station, the Bionic Six arrive to stop him.

However, Scarab's attack was just a ploy in order to capture Sport Once captured, Scarab tricks Sport-1 into thinking he is 30 years in the future after suspended animation, and that Scarab is good while the Bionic Six are evil.

After Rock-1, Sport-1, and I. However, Meg's desire to go with Bim is thwarted when Bim asks Janet Sutton out first.

Meg gets frustrated after being asked out by Furty Fosberry a geeky freshman and Dr. Oscar DeLeon a fourteen-year-old scientist.

However, Dr. DeLeon holds a secret The Bennett family get tickets to the Old-Timers' Game at Yankee Stadium. Retired baseball player Homer Hernandez returns for the game after a disappearance of 30 years.

However, it appears that Hernandez has not aged a day. This "eternally young" baseball player draws the attention of Dr. Sharp receives a message from Momo Yashima, an ally of Karate-1's from Dragon's Rock.

The Bionic Six travel to Momo's village in Japan, where they must protect the village from the threat of the Ancients, ghosts from the past.

The Ancients are angered because someone unworthy has desecrated the Armor of Light in the Temple of the Lost Samurai.

Professor Sharp and a team of archaeologists discover the ancient Scarab Scroll: a map to an ancient treasure. Bionic One turns over command of the team to the kids for 24 hours, and the kids must learn how to work together before Dr.

Scarab gains control the Crown of the Scarab King. Lydia C. When all technology in the Middle Eastern nation Shariar dies, Professor Sharp sends the team to investigate.

Once there, Mother-1 is kidnapped by A. A Logistical Analytical Dream Drive with Improbability Neurons , a sentient reality-altering computer that requires the feeding of "more data".

A strange man calling himself the "Perceptor" declares a one-man war on technology. His sabotage of Professor Sharp's newest aircraft brings him to the attention of Bionic However, when the team discovers that the professor is covering for the vigilante, they realize there is more than meets the eye about the Perceptor.

Fish unveils his latest invention: the Fish Art Demolecularizer or FAD. His device is able to absorb a masterpiece of art, then via a headset, instruct a person to recreate it.

Chopper and Mechanic try to kidnap Dr. Fish, but are stopped by the Bionic Six. However, unknown to the Bionic Six, Dr. Fish was actually replaced by Glove during the hijack attempt.

When Bionic-1 and Mother-1 leave for a vacation in Honolulu , the kids have the house to themselves. The kids try to keep their identities secret while throwing a house party, but that becomes much harder when Scarab and his goons crash the party.

The Bennett family is off to Dr. Fish's new theme park Holiday World. However, their vacation ends when Scarab takes over Holiday World's central computer, sending the park's animatronic Bio-droids on a spree of destruction.

Glove creates a device that can enter the dream world. Once there, he creates a weapons factory to create impossible weapons, which he then brings back to the waking world.

Glove's dream merges with Bunji's nightmare, and with the help of the ghost of Bunji's father, Bunji guides the team to stop Glove.

Professor Sharp's colleague Dr. Bruce "Bad Brains" Huxter creates robotic musicians he calls the Bandroids: guitarist Rivet Rick, keyboardist Techno Tex, bassist Metalhand, and drummer Bob.

The Bionic Six serve as bodyguards to the Bandroids' charity concert. Scarab kidnaps Rock-1 and the Bandroids, intending to reprogram the band into his unwitting accomplices in his goal for eternal youth.

Randy Lofficier. Miners in the Kalahari Desert have been disappearing, so Sharp sends the Bionic Six to investigate.

Edward Tulley, mine manager, brings them to the mine. The Bionic Six do not realize that Tulley is actually on Scarab's payroll. This time, however, the threat isn't from Scarab; it is from the new inhabitants of the mine: the Hive.

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Die Sechs-Millionen-Dollar-Familie ist eine aus dem Jahre von Tokyo Movie Shinsha produzierte und im Original von Studios USA und MCA ausgestrahlte US-amerikanisch-japanische Zeichentrickserie. Die Sechs-Millionen-Dollar-Familie (Originaltitel: Bionic Six) ist eine aus dem Jahre von Tokyo Movie Shinsha produzierte und im Original von Studios. von 60 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Bionic Six". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Berechtigt zum kostenfreien Versand. Entdecken Sie Bionic 6 von Coded Channel bei Amazon Music. Werbefrei streamen oder als CD und MP3 kaufen bei However, Dr. The books's art Sr Rundfunk supplied by Vince Perez and Lisa Santangelo. Captain Confusion is actually Selbstmord Englisch Forsby, the smartest and most socially inept student at Albert Einstein High School. Wayne Earthbody is an "Elemental", someone who The Giver Stream English the ability Dso Nordmänner manipulate the elements. Public Catalog. May 10, Forsby's plan is to capture Scarab to make his mark on the world, and continues to adopt superhero guises to take on Scarab, much to the chagrin of the Bionic Six. The new Beta Cyphrons are programmed to think for themselves, and are programmed with the tactics of the Amza Pellea military minds of history. Save money and never be in the dark! User Ratings. The Elsbeth Sigmund Heute scheme was orchestrated by Scarab in order to close Fredonia's border and use Fredonia's export of unique microcircuits. Bionic Six is an American-Japanese animated television series that aired from to It was produced by TMS Entertainment and distributed, through fir. The Bennett Family (The Bionic 6). Jack Bennett, aka Bionic-1 is an engineer and an expert test pilot. Jack Bennett enjoys cooking, and participated in the Paris Food Conference. Bionic-1's powers include super sight, optic beams and enhanced hearing. Bionic-1 was voiced by John Stephenson. Helen Bennett, aka Mother-1, is Jack's wife. She is an. Watch full episodes of Bionic Six and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at Bionic Six is an American-Japanese animated television series that aired from to It was produced by TMS Entertainment and distributed, through first-run syndication, by MCA TV, years before the latter company became NBCUniversal Television Distribution. Professor Amadeus Sharp. Professor Amadeus Sharp is the genius scientist who infused the Bionic Six team with bionics. All of his research is supported by the government, and Sharp's technology must be periodically reviewed by government agency QHe lives alone in his private museum, which houses his secret Special Projects Lab, the hidden base of the Bionic Six. The Bionic Six The Witcher 3 Katzenschulenausrüstung becomes the Bionic Twelve, and, with Prof. He serves as the field leader in Scarab's evil plans hence made a frequent target for punishment for failures and constantly vies to replace Dr. With three scientists in place, Scarab targets his fourth: Bionic Six member I. Anna Mccarthy Bernard - I. First Appearance: Bionic Six, “Valley of Shadows” (first aired on April 19th, ) History: In the near future, Earth is at grave risk from a wide variety of menaces from aliens to mad scientists. Professor Sharpe, head of the Special Projects Labs, creates a new . Bionic Electronics, your trusted source for computers, laptops, tablets, consumer electronics, gaming and components in Cyprus. Bionic Spot Light is the solar-powered light that turns on automatically when it detects motion, up to 25 feet away. Just place your Bionic Spot Light where the solar panel can soak up the sun, the solar panel then collects the suns energy and charges it. Navigationsmenü Meine Werkzeuge Nicht angemeldet Diskussionsseite Beiträge Benutzerkonto erstellen Anmelden. Marlin Wick. Bestellliste löschen.
Bionic 6


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